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Bourbon Trail Rentals

All the information you need for short term rental regulations in Louisville, all in one place.

Louisville Short Term Rental Regulations, Printable Applications, and Resources

General Information and Step-by-step Guides

Louisville Short Term Rental Information

General info regarding short term rental regulations

Louisville Short Term Rental Application

Step-by-step guide to registering a short term rental

BOZA Short Term Rental CUP Process Snip

Step-by-step guide for obtaining a

Conditional Use Permit

Printable Applications

Louisville Short Term Rental Registratio

Short Term Rental Annual Registration Form

Louisville CUP Pre-Application Form Snip

Short Term Rental Conditional Use Permit Pre-Application

Louisville CUP Formal Application Form S

Short Term Rental Conditional Use Permit (Formal) Application

Helpful Links

For any questions or assistance with any of these regulations, call us at 502-203-7724

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